Our services focus on our clients' needs. There are some things we bet on while crawling:

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About us

We are experienced IT professionals specialized with web data scraping services and solutions. We got an average of 20 years experience with data gathering. We stretch from small mobile application crawl to async large dynamic websites crawl from one day to another. We host, maintain, upgrade and fix our clients scripts. We use geographically diverse proxies to anonymize your scrapers. We keep making information accessible for you to perform better business decisions. Our unique algorithms make it easy for us to machine-read the Internet. Our focus is on doing clever, cost-effective data extraction.

How we work

1. You tell us what you need

2. We make an advanced research

3. Soon you get a quote

4. Start Data extraction

5. Do quality assurance

6. Payment

What we offer

*We act discretely, gently and undetected

*We get ALL the data you need

*We can scrape websites others won't even attempt

*We can normalize all data into a database

*We cad do scheduled scraping

*We can scrape on demand

*We monitor our LRP

*We are 100% risk free for your payment

*We got 24/7 support

Web scraping is an art which is used to make data gathering automated and fast. It is used for so much businness needs - analytical tasks, real estates data, gambling odds, marketing solutions, competitors research, trading quotes and so on. Web scraping is also known as Web Data Extraction, Web Content Extraction, Web Harvesting, Web Data Grabbing, Web Data Mining, Web Data Crawling, Screen Scraping and more. Despite the synonyms the idea behing is the same.

We blend the anonymity with professionalism

We DO NOT share information about our clients and their projects.

About you

If you can recognize your issue in some of these:

*You need lots of data consistently week after week

*You cannot understand your hired developers by some reason

*You are tired of your 'just OK' data scraping solution

*Your solution wastes your employees' time

*Your solution wastes your employees' time

*Your solution doesn't work with some websites

*Your solution is being blocked by the target website

*Your solution gives you messy data

*Your data provider can't scrape some websites

*Your data provider is not GMT aligned

*Your data provider can't get ALL the data from a website

*Your provider's data is inconsistent, or badly formatted

*When you add more and more and become even more expensive

or there is something else you can contact us using the form below.

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